Single Malt and Scotch Whisky: A Guide to Hundreds of Brands and Varieties

By Daniel Lerner

This consultant to unmarried malt and Scotch whiskey is an important source for newcomers and professional specialists alike. It comprises greater than 2 hundred manufacturers and forms of Scotch and unmarried malt whiskey. rankings and designated info on Scotch and the Scotch are integrated. info on every one model comprises the forms’ energy, aroma, taste, and distinguishing features. The historical past and lore of unmarried malt and Scotch whisky is proven in either textual content and colour photographs.

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LOW WINES The distillate produced within the first kettle of the pot nonetheless. It comprises alcohol, different chemical substances of either natural and impure natures, and a little bit water. The low wines are redistilled within the spirit nonetheless. MALT Any grain whose starch has been switched over into sugar; the first sugar is maltose. MASHING blending dried floor malt with sizzling water. center minimize the simplest of the distillate from the spirit nonetheless, as decided by way of the nonetheless operator. this can be the one section of the distillate that's bottled. PATENT nonetheless also referred to as the continual nonetheless, it will possibly function with out interruption, in contrast to the pot nonetheless that should be wiped clean and recharged after each one cross. The creation from the continual nonetheless is a fresh, gentle, particularly characterless spirit, usually used for the creation of grain alcohol. PEAT There are forms of peat: marsh and wooded area. Marsh peat is made from decomposed mosses. woodland peat is made of decomposed branches and leaves. while used as a gasoline resource for drying malted barley, the peat imparts a particular style to malt whisky. POT nonetheless a couple of copper kettles with coils on the most sensible, heated through coal or steam. within the first of the 2, known as the wash nonetheless, the fermented liquid is heated to the boiling element and vaporizes into the coils. The coils are cooled and the vapor is condensed and picked up. The construction from the 1st nonetheless, often called the low wines, is positioned throughout the moment vessel, known as the spirit nonetheless, and malt whisky emerges. facts The alcoholic power of the spirit, measured with a hydrometer. RECTIFY To dilute with a percent of water to accomplish a uniform facts. SACCHARIFY The construction of sugar in the course of the malting and soaking procedure. The enzyme diastase is published contained in the barley in this strategy. The starch contained in the grain is become sugar, accordingly, to saccharify. unmarried MALT WHISKY The creation of somebody distillery. SPIRIT nonetheless the second one of the 2 pot stills generating the excessive focus accomplished alcohol spirit that would be at once positioned in casks. (See wash nonetheless. ) UISGE BEATHA Gaelic for “water of lifestyles. ” Over the centuries, this time period was once shortened, anglicized, and finally rendered as whisky. WASH The fermented wort. This liquid is put within the pot nonetheless for the 1st distillation. WASH nonetheless the 1st of the 2 pot stills regular to Scotch whisky that might produce low-concentration low wines. WORT The liquid that's produced by way of soaking malted barley in hot water in a wide bath known as a mash tun. This liquid comprises sugars and different parts that, with the addition of brewer’s yeast, rework it into alcohol. source advisor BOOKS Jackson, Michael. entire consultant to unmarried Malt Scotch. fifth ed. Philadelphia: working Press Publishers, 2004. ——. Whisky: The Definitive consultant. manhattan: DK Publishers, 2005. ——. Malt Whisky. London: Mitchell Beazley Publishers, 2002. MacLean, Charles. Scotch Whisky: A Liquid background. London: Cassell Publishers, 2003. Murray, Jim. Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2005.

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